Crashed Lives

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Melvyn - Brain-Damaged Victim

Melvyn crashed his car (as the only occupant in it) on 24th May 2002, aged 19, in Enniskillen. He had been drinking, was speeding and wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.

Melvyn’s Life Now

Melvyn has been left with a serious brain injury.

He is still very dependent upon his mother.

He finds it difficult to socialise as his speech and balance have been severely affected. People have difficulty understanding him and he is sometimes thought to be drunk because of his lack of balance.

His life has changed forever.

Melvyn is very keen to warn other people about the dangers of dangerous behaviour on the road so that they don’t suffer as he does.

Melvyn’s mother’s life changed forever too from the moment he crashed. Her life has been turned upside down and everything she does is shaped around Melvyn.

She lived through the trauma of his life-saving 7 months in hospital and she still is saddened by the experiences her son may now never enjoy in life.

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